Wonder Drama Creative Explosion!

Drama class with a native speaker!

Hello guys!

We have a new project - Theater group in English! The first meeting will be on Sunday Aug 3rd For Free! It will be an introduction meeting with Chad – our lovely drama teacher! He will tell more about this project and our future meetings.

What is it in general?
We are planning to organize meetings once a week (Saturday or Sunday) for 2-3 hours each. You will have some acting 'exercises', and very interesting group brainstorming. You will suggest an idea what to play (to create a plot and character ideas) together with Chad. After that he’ll write a script and choose all roles. Very important thing – you should participate for a whole project (about 5-6 weeks). Your goal is to do a performance at the end of a project. We will have a small audience of friends, family, and English Club people who are interested in seeing what you have been working on. It’s a good motivation, isn’t it? =)
The price for attendance (since Aug 9th) – 500 rub. per session. We should cover the rent and pay our teacher ;)

Why you should attend?
It’s a good possibility to improve communication skills, overcome shyness, and make your dream come true, display your talent, immerse yourself in a creative atmosphere, and, finally, improve your English!
Intermediate /upper-intermediate English level is a must!
So, see you on Sunday (August 3rd) at 2 p.m.
The first meeting will be in the Gorky Park (next to the rosarium with a fountain).

Registration required!

If you are lost/ any questions - call me!
My cell phone is +7 925 417 80 30 Kate.

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Wonder Drama Creative Explosion! 2014 в месте: Парк Горького — в Москве — описание и программа мероприятия, дата, место и время проведения — цены на билеты, отзывы.
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