Мастер-класс: Английский через театр Toronto Laboratory Theatre’s with the support of M.E.S.S.

A DramaESL Course for Advanced Language Learner курс для изучающих англ.яз на уровне Upper-Intermediate или Advanced.

UPD: Темы этой недели: Правильный выбор слов, стиля. Данные обстоятельства. Разговор под давлением. Спонтанность и порядок. Темпо-ритм. Эмоциональность и скорость речи.
Новое расписание см. в картинках.

МОЖНО ПРИЙТИ НА ОДИН ДЕНЬ, а можно НА ВСЕ ТРИ! А в четверг нас ждет финальная вечеринка! 

Экспериментальный Театр Торонто (Канада) при поддержке театра-студии M.E.S.S. (Россия) представляет мастер-класс - EMBODIED ENGLISH / Английский через драму

Course objectives:  Embodied English is a custom-designed intensive course comprising 8 days of group and individual classes that aim to help advanced English learners to move closer to the native speaker ideal in oral communication.

Course structure:  The course consists of three components that focus on elements of communication commonly ignored by most ESL courses.

The first component focuses on such aspects of oral communication as intonation, rhythm, clarity of articulation as well as voice and body expressivity. The second component incorporates close observation and thorough analysis of various samples of native speakers’ verbal and non-verbal behaviour, as it happens in real life, in a TV series, on stage, etc. Participants are encouraged to note the differences between language choices and strategies native speakers of English tend to make and their own way of using English. Finally, the last component comprises acting exercises and games aimed at the realistic imitation and appropriation of the verbal and non-verbal behaviour of a native or highly proficient speaker of English. As part of their training, participants will also work on two contrasting English-speaking characters from a contemporary American or Canadian play and present the results of their work at the end-of-the-course performance. Participants are expected to incorporate the acting techniques they have been taught in order to create a realistic portrayal of the native-speaking characters.

Advanced grammar and vocabulary, while not taught explicitly, will be integrated in all three components of the course and adapted to the needs of each individual student. Continual feedback both in writing (by email) or oral form (through immediate or delayed correction), is expected to contribute to the students’ language development.  

Forms of instruction:

  • group sessions, including the final performance  – 21 hours
  • class outings (professional theatre production or film in English, if available) – 2-3 hours 
  • one-on-one or pair tutorials – up to 1 hour (more available at additional cost)
  • guided homework – approximately 8 hours

Homework: participants are advised to allocate 4 hours per week for homework.

Class times: group sessions are held on Mon-Thu, 6:30 pm-9:30 pm. Tutorials can be held before and after certain group sessions.

Teacher-student ratio: 10-14 participants, 1 principal instructor

Art Babayants
(stage name: Adam Black) is the founder and the first artistic director of M.E.S.S. Art started his acting and teaching career in the 90s in the Moscow theatre company 'At the Friends’. In 2004, he moved on to producing and directing shows in the English language. His recent directing credits include: Broadway Babies (2005), Share and Share Alike (2008), Seussical The Musical (co-directed with Paul Filippenko, 2009) Although he currently lives and works in Canada, he still collaborates with M.E.S.S. as an invited director and teaching consultant. Art has won a prestigious Teacher of the Year Award in Moscow (2004) for the development of the integrated Drama/ESL syllabus. In 2009, he was awarded a Joseph Armand Bombardier Award by the Social Sciences Research Council of the Government of Canada.

 Education highlights:

-       BA in Education (Hons.), Moscow State Pedagogical University, 1997

-       CELTA, International House, 2002

-       MA in Second Language Education, OISE, University of Toronto, 2010

-       PhD in Theatre Studies, the Graduate Centre of the Study of Drama, University of Toronto, 2010

To sigh up for the master-class -

Nadin - 89162127892

ARINA - 89645588156,


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Мастер-класс: Английский через театр Toronto Laboratory Theatre’s with the support of M.E.S.S. 2013 в месте: ДК МИИТ — в Москве — описание и программа мероприятия, дата, место и время проведения — цены на билеты, отзывы.
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